A year of change for Marcellin House

11 June 2015

It has been a year of change for Marcellin House with the farewell of our long-standing coordinator Mrs Lynne Falzon. Her replacement, Ms Jade Barr, has been warmly welcomed and she has brought new and exciting ideas up during SRC meetings. We thank her for her time and effort and recognise that her job is not easy.

As you may have heard, each house has a charity which students support, mostly by fund-raising. This is an important aspect of a student's college life as it teaches us about the world beyond our own. It also encourages us to be thankful for what we have, appreciate how lucky we are and teaches us compassion and generosity.

This year the house agreed to continue supporting Marist Youth Care. This organisation works with young disadvantaged people (mostly about the same age as many Assumption students) in areas like consoling, accommodation, legal advice, and other programs. Young adults that have been, abused, thrown out of home, or if home has become too dangerous to live in, can turn to this charity which provides them with short-term accommodation and helps them find something long-term, as well as an education and/or income source.

This is a wonderful organisation that runs with the help of volunteers and paid professionals. Many aspects of the charity rely on donations. Marcellin hopes to provide this charity with a sizeable donation, by giving each pastoral care group the challenge of raising $100

Some home rooms, such as Marcellin 6, have sold bags of jelly beans, which has been very successful. In addition, we raised money by selling hot chocolate and cookies, especially popular on a cold winter's day.

For this goal to be reached, students will need the full support of the community. It would be wonderful if parents and their children could have a discussion about coming fund-raising events and what they can do together to help the wider community.   

Thank you for supporting Marcellin House and we look forward to working with you all.

Grace Leddin and Adam Gatt - House captains

Jade Barr - House Coordinator