The Mustangs muse about leadership, fundraising & the year to come

19 November 2015


Despite presenting several challenges for some students, the year has been exciting, and I have a strong sense that there will be many more fantastic individual and group successes to come. It has been pleasing to witness so many great achievements by our students in various fields. Whether it be performing on the sporting field, on horseback or on stage Marian students have continually emulated our house motto: “faith, commitment, trust”.

The house raised over $630 for our house charity, Marist Youth Care. This organisation, based in Sydney, helps young people see life differently and combat the effects of drugs, alcohol, family abuse and mental illness. The year 7s gave an extra $310 to this charity this term by running a barbecue.

I loved working closely with house captains Brydie Ellks and James Metaxotos and I thank them for their efforts. Their leadership skills transcended all barriers. While we are sad to see you go, we look forward to Emily Bugeja and Erin Gough taking over. Not only did Brydie and James lead from the front but so did the other year 12s in Marian. Every member of the house wishes you all the best for the future.

To all the Mighty Mustangs, well done on a stellar 2015, and let's continue this great journey into 2016 as Emily and Erin lead us. Below they introduces themselves:


Bugeja Emily 1Although it is sad to see my years at Assumption nearing an end, I am excited about my final year here. It is an absolute privilege to be  Marian House captain for 2016. Being a member of the house since year 7, I have seen what it takes to be a house leader, exemplified through Brydie and James.

As Mr Langdon mentioned, the Marian motto of "faith, commitment and trust" plays a huge role in who we are as a house, and I plan to make every effort to put the motto into action. Erin and I, alongside Mr Langdon, have big plans for next year, and I'm looking forward to working with them, as well as the rest of the mighty Marian Mustangs.


Gough Erin 1

Having completed five years at Assumption College, I am sad and excited that my final year of schooling is just around the corner. It is such an honour to be a house captain alongside Emily and to be able to work beside Mr Langdon. According to American broadcasting executive Donald McGannon “leadership is action not position" and action is about getting up and doing something. Leadership is about being close enough to relate to others, yet far ahead to motivate. We plan to motivate our fellow mustangs next year and continue the house spirit that flows throughout all six pastoral care groups, not only on swimming and athletics carnival days but every day at Assumption. Bring on 2016!





   Alex Langdon - House Coordinator