Boarding House 6881The value of an Assumption College education does not end when you graduate. Assumption is committed to building and nurturing lifelong relationships through our new Alumni Engagement program.

Our alumni are vital to the College’s ongoing success, and actively contribute to the life of the College by inspiring future generations, sharing knowledge and experience, and supporting Assumption's vision.

Staying connected means many things to many people. Regularly visit the College website to stay in touch and learn about new and exciting events (such as class reunions and career mentoring) at Assumption.

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Shandon Calls

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Assumption College Gala Dinner

Around 700 guests attended our Gala Dinner at Palladium at Crown on February 28, 2015. During the night 20 alumni were inducted into our Hall of Excellence and 26 were named in Assumption's greatest ever VFL/AFL side. To read more and see photos from the big night, click here, here and here.


Prahran Assumption Football Club

Assumption College has a relationship and a formal memorandum of understanding of mutual support with the Prahran Assumption Football Club (PAFC).

To continue their strong relationships with each other and the school, Assumption College recommends that our graduating students consider playing with, or being a social member of, the Prahran Assumption Football Club. The associated Prahran Football Club also sponsors netball and basketball teams. The PAFC is involved in a number of school events and sponsors two elite sporting awards for our students.

Assumption College is a separate entity to the Prahran Assumption Football Club, and has no rights or responsibilities for the club other than those outlined in the MOU.

For information about Prahran Assumption Football Club, which contains many former Assumption students, visit the club’s website.