An invitation to three exciting ACK cultural events

25 August 2016

ACK Dance Concert

we invite you to see, hear and experience all elements from life in our exciting new dance show VIVA. Let us take you on a journey as you experience; love, laughter, fun, depression and more- all that life has to offer. Click here to buy tickets.

Junior and Senior Soiree

The ACK Junior and Senior Soiree will be held in the Champagnat Music Centre on Thursday, September 8 from 7-9pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the music program in action and all students, family and friends who are interested in music or other performing arts are invited. 

Cultural Awards nightgeorge

Our Cultural Awards night will be held in the Gonzales Centre on Tuesday, September 13 from 7-9pm.

Our presenter, George McEncroe (pictured), is a radio host, writer and stand-up comedian. George has been engaged in an amazing diversity of roles over the years. She's been a writer for The Age, The Australian, The Big Issue, and for comedy shows The Big Bite and Life Support. She has been an investigator for The War Crimes Tribunal, a bio-ethicist researcher, an English teacher in Istanbul, a welfare coordinator, and a carer for teenage boys with muscular dystrophy. 

All students who participate in a cultural co-curricular activity - music, drama, dance, debating and photography - and their family and friends are invited. 

Please contact me with questions about any of these events.  

 Celia Gall - Performing Arts Coordinator