Book and resources lists for 2017

1 December 2016

A reminder to parents that book and resource list orders are due by Thursday, December 15 for delivery to the college in late January. Payment can be made online or with the returned order form. Families wanting to pay on the day of collection must use a paper form to be returned to reception.

Information about book and resource lists for all year levels is available under School Links in the Parent Access Module (PAM) and on the SIMON homepage or from the school website Online ordering is available at using the passcode BY3X.

There have been some enquiries regarding the year 7-10 religious education and mathematics text books and whether previous versions may be used. Details are below: 

To Know Worship and Love

There is a new edition of To Know Worship and Love (TKWL) at year 9. Students must have this updated edition for 2017. For years 7 and 8 and 10 students,  there have been no changes to the textbook for next year but an updated version is expected for the following year.

 Cambridge Essential Maths

For years 7-10, the current Australian Curriculum (AC) edition of the maths textbook may be used next year. The new 2017 Victorian Curriculum (VC) edition has in essence, reproduced the same examples and exercises. In some texts there is an additional exercise or two resulting in page numbers being slightly different. Teachers are aware that some students will be working from the AC edition. This edition may be used providing a child can cope with these small differences. We ask parents and guardians to make this decision.

It is not compulsory for students to have an electronic version of the textbook, but if your child prefers to use an electronic copy, there may be an additional charge to reactivate the code to gain access to the ebook. Furthermore, we cannot provide an assurance that the AC text will be able to be on-sold in 2018.

 Cristina Vergara - Curriculum Coordinator