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28 July 2016

Year 12 news – applying for courses

Tertiary applications for 2017 are usually made on the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) website, opening on Monday, August 1, with timely applications closing on Thursday, September 29. Students can apply for up to eight courses in order of preference, and will be offered a course for which you meet the ATAR, selection requirements and pre-requisites. 

Some circumstances can spoil a student’s academic achievement. Tertiary institutions are aware of this and offer alternative entry schemes taking into account short- and long-term disadvantage. While many are offered through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application process, others require applications to the institutions.

Note: SEAS applications cannot be accessed until you have commenced a course application through VTAC.

I will be making two presentations to year 12 students about how to apply for courses and how to apply for SEAS and scholarships. These sessions will be videoed and made available to students and parents.

Students are already booking appointments to discuss their applications, and to make a time to see me, click here.

VTACmag 2017

Year 12 students should note that all information about applying for tertiary study in 2017 will be available on the VTAC website and some will be published in the VTACmag. This publication is available from newsagents with a recommended retail price of $7.95. The VTACmag contains practical information about the VTAC process and preparing for study, in an engaging, friendly format. Information is clearly explained and the magazine includes feature articles of interest, such as interviews with prominent Victorians who completed year 12 and did further study in Victoria and also a mentoring section where VTAC matches students with professionals.  

Aspire Program applications – La Trobe University early entry program

Applications are open for year 12 students who have made a positive impact on the Assumption and wider communities.  La Trobe has updated its How to Apply page with tips and a sample application. Applications close on August 31.

Frequently asked questions:

What ATAR must I achieve for the Aspire Program?  Most courses have a minimum ATAR of 50, although some professional degrees have higher requirements.

Do I have to arrange anything for my school recommendation? No, La Trobe will contact the school so you only need to advise which school you attend.

Do I still have to apply through VTAC if I get an Aspire offer? Yes – your Aspire course should be your highest eligible preference.

If you list a different course that you are eligible for above your Aspire offer, you will be made an offer in the different course, and your Aspire offer will become void.

Sara Regan, a representative from La Trobe recruitment team, will spend Thursday August 11  in the Career Centre. Students can see her with questions about courses, scholarships, accommodation and the Aspire Program. She is happy to read and offer advice on Aspire applications. 

More application information

Information about other early entry programs that ACK students can apply for have been emailed to them along with information about the ACU, University of Melbourne and the VU program.

Subject selections for current Year 9 – 11 students for 2017 – Watch this space!

The pathway team is working with Vaughan Cleary and the teaching and learning team to develop and refine a new and exciting program for 2017. We will be providing information to students and parents very soon.


As mentioned before the pathway team has moved to booking appointments online. The links for this can be found on the homepage of SIMON.


 Jenny Pendlebury - Careers and VCAL Coordinator