Maths Week action

28 July 2016

The Choose Maths Competition

For a couple of months Joseph Killeen (DA3), Will Burn (DA1), Kyle Cilia (DA3), Joshua Barnard (DA1) and Matt Phelan (MC3) worked on an entry to compete in the Choose Maths competition.

We need your help! In order to win the video contest, we must obtain more votes than any other participant (nationwide).

To vote, click here, watch the video and scroll down to vote

The link has also been placed on our school’s Facebook page so please pass this on to family and friends.

Maths Week

All this week staff and students have taken part in competitions and events.

The week started off with a pi recitation competition at recess where we witnessed some amazing talent. The winners were:

1st place: Abbie Quigley (year 10) and Dom Williamson (year 8) (both reciting to 105 decimal places)

2nd place: Jake Dobell (year 7 – reciting to 80 decimal places)

3rd place: James Doyle (year 8 – reciting to 58 decimal places)

Staff also enjoyed a maths-themed lunch hosted by the illustrious Maths Department and for dessert enjoyed Rubik's Cube and chessboard cakes which I made. (Editors note: They were delicious.) 

Rubiks 1 Rubiks 3 

On Tuesday at lunch, many students took part in the Minties wrapper competition by trying their best to tear the Minties wrapper by hand (no scissors allowed) where the winner would be the one that had the longest wrapper.

The winners were:          

1st place: Jack Phillips (below) with a wrapper length of 147cm

2nd place: Chloe Ellis with a wrapper length of 125cm

3rd place: Michaela Wesselman with a wrapper length of 118cm

4th place: Nadia Barber with a wrapper length of 111.5cm

5th place: Kate Leavold with a wrapper length of 100cm



Pokémon fever hit Assumption one lunchtime when student participated in the Pokémon hunt challenge. They used coordinate points to find Pokémons hidden around the school grounds. (See students on the hunt below). The winners were:

1st place: Team Revolutionaries (Christen Furber, Ciana Lineage and Michael Parkinson)

2nd place: Team SKWAD (Daniel Parkinson, John Sharp and Ben Hunter)

3rd place: Claudia Cook and Mia Grattan

4th place: (Jake Lucas) and 5th place: Team 1 (Patrick O’Dwyer)

Pok 2




Thursday morning brought a little over 100 mathematicians together to participate in the annual Australian Mathematics competition. I hope to publish some results in the next month or so.

Overall, it was great to see so many students and staff participate in this week’s events and competitions. If you would like to provide some feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Laila Sarraf - Learning Area Coordinator Mathematics

                                Pok 1