Success for two of our equestrians

28 July 2016

I recently attended the Victorian Stock Horse AGM in Kilmore and was awarded Runner-up High Point Junior Under-13 for  2015-16. (Jackson is in the middle of photo below.) This achievement followed seven months of hard work with my six-year-old black stock horse mare, Boonderoo Opal. We competed in five out of seven shows across Victoria.

To win this award you need to score highly in four classes at every show: Junior Judging, Hack, Working and Handler. Junior Judging involves visually assessing four stock horses of the same gender and placing them from first to fourth and whoever gets closest to the judge’s determination wins. The horses are judged for their appearance and structure. 

Hack is a riding pattern with a combination of smooth and stylish transitions and places a high importance on presentation. Working patterns are completed at a quicker pace incorporating combinations of turns, stops and whip cracking.  In Handler classes you are judged on your horse's manners and your ability to handle and control a horse from the ground.

I thank my parents for driving all over the state and for the help that they gave me during the season.

JC High point

Jackson Clifford - year 7 Frayne 

 Kid on horse 1

My parents and I recently decided that I needed a serious horse to continue competing on while in my senior years at Assumption College and when I go to university. Luckily, we found a horse locally. She is perfect in every way and knows all the moves.

On July 8 and 9 I competed at the Elmore Interschool Challenge in Elmore. This was my first interschool event on my new Warmblood, Stanmore Park Ruby. On the Friday we competed in the Elementary dressage division, my very first elementary test.

There were only five competitors in the section. In the first test (3.2) Ruby and I placed second. In the second test (3.3) we also placed second both with pleasing scores. Overall we achieved senior Elementary Reserve Champion.

On the Saturday we competed in the Novice dressage division. In our first test (2.2) we placed third and in our second test (2.3) we were first. Overall we achieved Senior Novice Champion. I was super happy with my results as I have only been riding Ruby for a short time.

I look forward to competing at the Elmore Equestrian Centre again, representing ACK.

Haylea Wright - year 11 La Valla





  Helen Perez - Equestrian Coordinator