Meet the new leaders of Marian House

17 November 2016

Before I introduce the Marian leaders for 2017, I want to pay tribute to the outgoing Mustangs of 2016.

I spent a fantastic evening with these students a few weeks ago at their graduation dinner and was extremely proud of their humility, dignity and happiness which filled the venue. The rest of Marian House wish you all the best for the future and hope that you have time over the summer to rest and have some well-deserved fun. (Alex Langdon - House Leader)

Without further ado:

Hi, we are Scout and Noah the Marian House captains for 2017.

Scout Perryscout

As an  Assumption student since year 7, I feel honoured to be the new leader of the mighty Marian Mustangs. Growing up I looked up to the year 12s, especially the house captains, and I still can’t believe that I am now old enough to be in that same position. I congratulate the current year 12s on their graduation and wish them well .

I am excited about the year that lies ahead and nervous about the challenges I will have to face.

Noah Stannoahley

Being a mighty Marian Mustang since year 7 I feel very privileged to be the captain of the house. I have big shoes to fill and hope I can do that and have great success like my predecessors. I congratulate the 2016 Marian graduates and the rest of their cohort for finishing their time at the college and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. I  wish the other college leaders the best of luck for 2017.