Principal's Report

3 November 2016

Dear parents and guardians,

End-of-year assessments

It’s coming to the time of year when students can have quite a number of assessments to contend with. In most cases, they will be using class time to complete the bulk of their work, but this is definitely a period when it’s a great idea for you to ensure that there’s a calendar on the fridge or somewhere public at home with key due dates and test times marked in. Many of the assessment dates can be accessed on your PAM calendar, however, this really is a timely moment to have a conversation with your son or daughter about the last month of school, and how their time will be managed to ensure that they put their best foot forward right until the end. 

One thing we know about exam and test success is that undertaking practice questions is the ideal way of making sure you are best prepared. Secondly, ensuring that your son or daughter is reading the feedback from teachers and responding to it by considering how to overcome any concerns next time round will be a great asset. If you need to talk with a particular teacher, please ring or email them for more information. We all want your child to do their best, and being on the same page will make this a much more productive and successful time for us all.

Preparations for 2017

As well as bringing courses and assessments to an end,  the coming weeks are a busy time for our staff as we prepare for next year. With a few changes coming our way, there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes to ensure that 2017 begins with tremendous success. At this time of year there are also many information nights and parent evenings, and we thank you for staying tuned to the PAM calendar. Don’t forget that year 10 and 11 students finish on November 25, and years 7-9 finish the following Friday (December 2). Saturday sport continues until November 26 and year 10 and 11 students are expected to participate in this round. Teaching staff will be at school in professional learning and planning sessions for a further week after that. 

Thank you Peter Gough

Last night the Parents and Friends held their final meeting for the year. It was an opportunity to thank Peter Gough, long-time parent and president of the P & F.  Over many years he has given countless hours of service to the school community, organising our parents to support working bees, fetes, celebratory days for students (Assumption Day, Graduation Day and sports carnivals).  His warm and kind manner has been a true gift to our school, and we sincerely appreciate the time he has given to building community and helping provide funds to ensure our students have fantastic facilities and resources. In thanking Peter, we also thank his wife, Rochelle, and their children, who have allowed Peter to give of himself so freely. The P & F are hosting an end-of-year dinner on Friday, November 18 at Mandalay. Further information is elsewhere in this bulletin and on the school Facebook page.

Time for Remembrance

November holds a special place in our collective psyche for the remembrance of those who have gone before us. On November 1 we celebrated All Saints Day in memory of the great women and men of God who set an example of how to live a good life. On November 2 it was All Souls Day, which is an opportunity for us to bring to mind our family and loved ones who have passed away. In many parts of the world on All Souls Day families gather and again tell the tremendous stories of those who have touched their lives. On November 11 we will remember those who gave their lives in war. Remembering and honouring our dead is an important part of knowing who we are. In our Catholic tradition, we remember that the dead are not gone from us, and that their prayers join ours in everything we ask. 

Loving God, in this time of remembrance, and before the rush of Christmas overcomes us, I pray in thanks for all those who touched my life who are now with you. May their example and their love be a constant reminder to me of what I can become and may their prayers and inspiration help me each day to grow more loving, peaceful and just.  Amen.

Peace and blessings,

Kate Fogarty