We congratulate our hospitality and events students

3 November 2016

Second-year hospitality and event students recently  gathered with family and friends in the Marlhes for their graduation. The night was well attended with approximately 130 guests. It was great to invite our event students and their families along as the two subject streams are well connected in industry.

Students and guests enjoyed a buffet presented by our first-year students who did an excellent job under the guidance of Mr Alex Houghton. It was great to see representatives from Broadford Secondary and Wallan Secondary supporting their students who attend Assumption for hospitality.

The Event students have worked extremely hard throughout the year as well and raised over $4000 dollars for the homeless - a great effort. Some special awards were handed out on the night and I congratulate the following students:

  • Erin Gough  - second-year events most outstanding student,
  • Jai Cameron -  first-year events most outstanding student,
  • Kristin Humphrey (Wallan Secondary College) - first-year hospitality most outstanding award  
  • Janelle Cocks - second-year hospitality most outstanding award
  • Teresa Sagula (Broadford Secondary College) - encouragement award  

It has been another busy year for the Hospitality Department with 13 restaurant nights, alumni functions, opening of the Fourvière Centre and Mother’s Day breakfast which nearly 500 people attend.

This is the final year for Mr Seibel and I as we move on from Assumption. We thank the parents and guardians of our students during our time here for their support and the Assumption and Kilmore communities  for their support of this great facility we call the Marlhes. Over the past five years we have made $150,000 dollars which has been put back into the school.

I leave you with a quote “There is nothing like a dream to create the future”.

Happy cooking.

 Nigel Engel - VET Hospitality and VET Events teacher and Marlhes Restaurant Manager