20 October 2016

Anna Gurnett competed at the Australian Interschool Equestrian Championships in Sydney at the end of September. She qualified in combined training and dressage at the State Championships in April with her horse, Raspond. Anna and Raspond came 4th in the combined training and 6th in the novice Dressage in Sydney. She was very proud of the results as this was their first national event and said it was a great honour representing not only Victoria, but Assumption College at the nationals.

Haylea Wright had a fabulous day at the Catholic Ladies College Dressage event with her horse Ruby, on Friday, October 7. This combination had a rough start during their first test as a boy on a skateboard decided to ride on the skate ramp right next to their dressage ring. This spooked and made her horse Ruby tense, however, Haylea conceded that "such stuff happens" and  maintained her focus during the dressage test. They achieved 61% in the elementary 3.1 test. Then placed first in the elementary 3.2 test with a score of 65%, achieving overall champion for elementary in the jackpot.

Haylea and Ruby also rode their first ever medium dressage test, and was over the moon after achieving a score of 63%, which won the section.

Chloe Ellis also competed at the Catholic Ladies College Dressage day. She and Baci rode in the intermediate preliminary section, achieving a 2nd and a 4th, and Reserve Champion overall. Chloe and Baci also challenged themselves by riding a test in the division above for the first time. They achieved 5th place.

Congratulations to Anna, Haylea and Chloe (Click on their photos below).

Helen Perez - Equestrian Coordinator