Vital information for our year 12s from careers staff

20 October 2016

At their final assembly today, year 12 students were given a USB containing important information from the careers office: dates, contact numbers and, hopefully, some helpful tips for their transition from ACK. If your child doesn’t show you the information, please ask for it!

Over the next few weeks I will be emailing them information about collecting results, change of preferences and my availability during this time so please encourage your child to keep an eye on their school email over the next month.

Finally, Mrs Fisher, Mrs Frost and I wish them all the best as they prepare to sit exams or start employment.


Before year 12 students leave ACK they should download their reports (especially those for years 10-12) from SIMON as once they finish these will not be available online. Students may need these reports when applying for jobs, scholarships etc.

Mock interviews

On Tuesday, we started the first of three sessions of mock interviews. The feedback from the interviewers so far is that the students did very well (though nervous) and those who presented with their portfolios, were told they were generally well done.

Common suggestions for improvement included proofreading application letters before submitting them and for those who used templates for their resumes ensuring they remove template advice. I hope that the students take on any advice given by their interviewers and fix their resumes before submitting them for a real job. The next two sessions of mock interviews will be on Tuesday, October 25 and Tuesday, November 8.

Finally, a more in-depth newsletter was emailed to year 9-12 students this week which is available to parents on the careers website under the newsletter tab. 


Jenny Pendlebury - Careers Coordinator