Principal's report

6 October 2016

Dear ACK community,

East Timor Immersion

Our team of year 11s are home from Timor-Leste and can report that the funds you helped raise are going exclusively to the rebuilding of a primary school in the remote village of Laumana, in the subdistrict of Quelicai in Baucau. The students and staff stayed a night on the floor of the school in Laumana and know very well the extensive damage and wear and tear to the roofing, floor and walls.  There is no electricity, nor do the students have sufficient paper or pens and pencils. The community hosted us with tremendous gratitude, and looked after us very well as we joined them for meals consisting predominantly of potatoes and rice.  It was a good reminder to us to count our many blessings more regularly, and we look forward to building an ongoing relationship with the people of Laumana in the years to come.

Year 12s are nearly on the home straight

Well done to our year 12s on their fantastic attitude and commitment to the practice exams during the last three days of the holidays. This important time allows the students to gauge their preparation for the VCE exams that begin in two weeks.  Next week the students will attend their final classes before entering the exam preparation period. We keep all our year 12s and their families in our prayers during this important time, and wish them all the best for their preparations.

VCAL family celebration

Each year, our year 12 VCAL students hold a special celebration evening with their parents. The VCAL program asks a lot of the students, and it is wonderful to be able to acknowledge and hear about their successes.  We wish the group well in their aspirations to gain employment, knowing that some have already secured apprenticeships or traineeships. VCAL is an excellent alternative to the VCE, and many universities acknowledge this by enrolling students from the VCAL program.

Junior production

Next Thursday the school will come together to enjoy the musical and acting talents of our year 7-9 students. The junior production, High School Musical, promises to be a lot of fun. The evening show is sold out, and tickets for an afternoon performance at 4.30 on the same day have just gone on sale.  They are available through  TryBooking and we are expecting a bumper crowd to enjoy the fabulous skills of so many of our students (with a little help from supportive, encouraging staff!).

Year 7, 2018

Last night we held the 2018 year 7 information night. If you know of any families that may have missed this important event, please ask them to contact Bernie Jephson as soon as possible as the closing date for 2018 enrolments is November 30. Due to growing demand, the Catholic Education Office has asked us to begin our enrolments for 2019.

Counting our blessings

Counting our blessings is a form of prayer and praise of God. In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus is surprised that of 10 people who are healed, only one comes back to say thank you. Saying thank you is such a simple thing to do, and it brings the receiver so much joy. This week, let’s pause each day to consider who deserves our thanks, and take a moment to make that call, enact that visit, send that email or message to that person to let them know that they are appreciated.  So many people go through life doing "their job" or what they believe is right, without being thanked for their efforts, and this includes God.  We take so much for granted that we could thank God for. 

Loving God, today I am thankful for…    Amen.

Peace and blessings,

Kate Fogarty