Frayne welcomes its new house leader

3 August 2017

This term, Frayne has welcomed a new house leader, Mrs Jade Rose, while Mrs Shona Maskelyne takes maternity leave  to care for her first child.

Frayne is focusing on removing the gap between senior and junior students. This is done  by encouraging interactions between students from all year levels through activities during learning mentor group time. Frayne had a successful term two, with the year-level downball competition being dominated by the Bears. 

We acknowledge Cooper Webster's excellent go karting skills. This year 9, Frayne 6 student (pictured) continues to excel in this field outside school.

Cooper webster

We look forward to a productive term three and aim to build house spirit within Frayne. With new faces around the house and plenty of new ideas, we're are excited to see what’s to come.

Jack Coburn and James Worne - Frayne House Captains


Jade Rose - House Leader