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3 August 2017

University applications for 2018

All year 12 students can apply for tertiary courses, including VCAL students wanting to study at TAFE.

Applications, in most cases, are done on line using the VTAC website, starting from next Monday and should be completed by 5pm on Thursday, September 28.

I will present a session to year 12s about how to apply for courses, for the special entry access scheme (SEAS) and for scholarships tomorrow. This session will be videoed and available to parents and students next week.

The application process requires four steps: 

Step 1: Create an account – students will need their student number.

Step 2: Select up to eight course preferences .

Step 3: Complete  a SEAS applications (see below).

Step 4: Complete the online scholarship applications.

Special entry Access Scheme (SEAS)

The special entry access scheme (SEAS) allows selection officers to grant special consideration for course entry to applicants, but does not exempt students from meeting  the institutional and course entry requirements. It is a single application that is sent to all the universities students apply to.

There are four categories for which students can apply for SEAS:

All ACK students should apply for Category 1. Just tick the box. 

The other three categories will depend on each student’s circumstances. With these categories, students must make a personal statement and have a letter of support. If a student believes that they would meet the criteria for the other three categories, they should speak to either Mr Wilmann or me as soon as possible so that we can support you in getting the correct paperwork completed and up loaded.


The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) website helps you make informed decisions about future study by allowing you to compare up to six different institutions and study areas, based on the experiences of real students and graduates. You can create your own shortlist to compare the different study areas and/or institutions. Data is presented separately for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework. 

The quality indicators collected through the surveys relate to:

  • Students’ satisfaction with key aspects of their study experience, such as teaching quality, learning resources and support services.
  • Graduates’ satisfaction with their course.
  • Graduates’ employment and further study outcomes, including information on the proportion of graduates finding work and median salaries.

This is a great website when students want to compare the same course at different Institution.

Changes to selection for education

Students applying for any education course must obtain a 65+ Atar (it will be 70+ for 2019). They will also need to complete a CASPer Test.

The CASPer test is an online screening tool designed to evaluate key personal and professional characteristics that make for successful students and graduates.

Traditional evaluations of personal characteristics (e.g. standard interviews, reference letters and personal essays) have proven to be ineffective in discerning good applicants. CASPer increases fairness in applicant evaluation by providing admissions and selection committees with a reliable measure of traits like professionalism, ethics, communication and empathy.

All universities, except Melbourne, require students to sit the CASPer online test as part of the selection into teaching degrees in 2018. Students are encouraged to browse VTAC and learn which courses require the CASPer for selection.

At this stage we know that the test will be conducted twice, in October and  November, before ATARs are released. This means that if a student is thinking about education as a possible career they need to do the test as they may not be able to add it at a later stage.  Click here for further information.

Camp America for 2018

Camp America will shortly begin recruiting for young Australians to work as counsellors at American summer camps form June – August 2018. Previous students from ACK who have attended Camp America have always spoken favourably of the experience and have included some travel either side of the camp. There is an information night next Tuesday, August 8 at the Ibis Hotel in the CBD from 6pm. Check the Camp America website for further details. It also involves a one-off fee of $35 which should be paid at the end of step 2.

If you want to make an appointment to meet Mrs Tonya Frost or me, book online through the link on SIMON or by clicking on Jenny Pendlebury or Tonya Frost

 Jenny Pendlebury - Careers Coordinator