Hilary House

3 August 2017

One main goal in Hilary House is to bridge the gap and social distance between senior and junior students. This yearHilary, changing the structure of our learning mentor groups (LMGs) to a vertical learning system has helped achieve this. To strengthen the relationships between students, especially the year 7 and year 12 students, a buddy system has been introduced which allows the year 7s to feel more comfortable within the school and house.


With the help of our SRC members we plan fortnightly house assemblies, where the house is gathered together and gives the LMGs a chance to compete against one another in various activities. These activities have included a doughnut-eating competition, a coin toss competition and, the favourite, a friendly Kahoot!


Each LMG is given points, based on their placing in these activities, which are tallied up and at the end of the year the LMG with the most points wins the house shield. These activities help make the fortnightly house assemblies more enjoyable, create a friendly sense of rivalry between the LMGs and strengthen relationships between student.


Our SRC has been split into various groups with each responsible for different things including fundraising, house assemblies and LMG activities. Fortnightly SRC meetings have allowed us to share ideas and to work on ways to implement them in the house. These SRC students can also enhance their leadership skills, which will help them in future leadership roles.


Chelsea Mussett and Mia Brennan – Hilary House Captains