VCAL students entertain some special guests

3 August 2017

Year 12 family morning tea

The year 12 VCAL students recently organised a morning tea for their parents and grandparents. They cooked for and hosted over 20 very special guests as part of their numeracy class. Based on the conversations that morning and the lovely follow-up emails we received it seem that everyone had a fantastic time and students were so proud as they introduced their special guests to their teachers. Thank you to everyone who attended and to Pam Watson who again helped in the kitchen. (Pictured below is Bailey Lawrenson with his family at the morning tea).














 VCAL Presentation Night - save the date                                   

Our year 12s are organising their final presentation night to be held on Tuesday, October  17 at Trackside, Kilmore. On this night the students present to their families what they have done as part of their VCAL certificate and together celebrate their accomplishments over the past two years.

Further details will be sent to families soon.

Yr 11 $5 meal deal

In year 11 numeracy students have been applying their measurement and budgeting skills to a cooking assignment. Each student was given $5 to cook a healthy meal which had to have at least three food groups and be cooked in under 30 minutes. After some research, every student came up with a recipe that met all the criteria. Then it was off to the supermarket to buy the ingredients. Some of the meals made included spaghetti bolognese, Mexican chicken with rice, burritos, jacket potatoes, chicken and pasta soup, beef and noodle stir fry and egg, bacon and tomato Wraps. After much debate at the supermarket over which brands to buy, the cooks came in on budget as well.

The assessment for this activity, done by students who filled in peer assessment sheets, was not only to meet the cooking and budgetary criteria but the meals had to taste good too. 

Work placement continues

Mitchell Wittig (pictured below) is completing a Certificate II in Animal Studies at Kangan Institute. As part of the VCAL program Mitchell was given a placement at the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) in Seymour. Below is his account of what is involved at GAP.

I do volunteer work placement at GAP on Fridays. The GAP is an amazing program that works with greyhounds. Some are ex-racing dogs being prepared to go to homes as pets. The GAP runs different behaviour tests on the dogs to find out if they get aggressive with food, how they react to people, other dogs and cats, and how they react to kids.

To find out if the greyhound is fine with other dogs they put a muzzle on both animals and put them in the same area to see how they react to each other. They also use a fake arm and food to see how the dogs react while eating. The GAPs runs all these tests to ensure that people not only get the best dog for them but also to ensure that the greyhound is going to a home where it will be happy and comfortable. If you are looking for a greyhound who is more than happy to sit with you on the couch all day, don’t be afraid to give GAP a call on 03 5799 0166, they are open Monday-Friday 8.30 am to 4pm. I'm sure they will be happy to help you.


Goodbye and farewell

Since our last newsletter four boys have left the VCAL program to move into full-time employment. Congratulations to Joseph Barker and Cody Treanor-McQueen who are doing carpentry apprenticeships, and Peter Mullis and Shane Osborne who obtained electrical apprenticeships with Frontline Human Resources. We wish the boys all the very best. 

We have recently received calls from employers looking for VCAL students who have started their TAFE certificates and have been part of the work placement program. Employers see the value in the VCAL program. If you can offer either a full-time apprenticeship, a school-based apprenticeship or work placement, please contact Mrs Tonya Frost our VET and SBAT coordinator at the College.

Jenny Pendlebury - VCAL Coordinator