Lavish praise for our photographers

31 August 2017

newsletter 1a

As the director of photography, I thank and congratulate a team of hardworking, behind-the-scenes people – my photography team. Photography is not just showing up and taking decent photos. There is a huge amount of time, experience and skill invested into accurately telling a story of an event like the Assumption-Sacred Heart Exchange. 

Preparations began in term 2 as we trained new students and ensured everyone would be available for this big event. We had a series of meetings to work out a closely-timed roster and many of the photographers spent at least 10 hours taking photos and editing them after the weekend.

They did an amazing job coordinating as a team, filling gaps and taking some amazing photos. It was wonderful to watch them working together and learning from each other. I love seeing them communicate silently to one another across a crowded room and help one another with difficult angles or shots, and sneaking around and even sitting on the floor for hours so as not to disturb the audience at the cultural events.

During the sport, they stood out in their fluoro vests and watched one another to see what lenses and angles others were using – to do something different themselves and therefore capture a variety of photos. (Click on the photos below to enjoy some of their work.)

The photos were edited, sorted and handed to me within a week of the event, which was a sterling effort considering most of them were also involved in photographing Assumption Day, Science Week, Book Week, the Mad Hatter's tea party, the Winter Sleep Out, Whimsical Winter Christmas dinner and other events over the same period.

Now that all the photos from the exchange are categorised, one of our team is making a photo book that we can present to Sacred Heart, Adelaide and retain a copy for ourselves. I am very proud of each of them and thank them by name: Isabelle Emond (captain), Abigail Camenzuli, Angelica Skora, Audrey Flannery, Ava Cheatley, Ava Varga, Benjamin Aquilina, Benjamin Gregory, Ebony Layley, Eva Livesey, Hannah Daisley, Kaylee Sawyer, Kristian Abram, Nicholas Collins, Paul Gionfriddo, Renee Perry and Ryan Spiteri.

Nicki Doyle