Some senior students recently enjoyed the great outdoors on horseback

23 February 2017

We spent the day at the Pretty Sally Riding Ranch on February 8,  riding horses and yabbying. 

Before we could go horse riding we had to select riding helmets making, sure that they wouldn't slip off. At the mounting yards we were told how to mount our horses. We had a tutorial on how to make the horses do what we wanted such as turning, moving at speed and stopping.

During the two hours of riding we experienced different speeds and ways to ride, included galloping up hills and making sure that we steered our horses around trees and obstacles.  

Those that went yabbying had to tie fresh meat to a string and anchor the string to a stick that was placed in the mud. Most people used baskets to trap and pull the yabbies from the water but some others grabbed the yabbies from the water with their hands. 

About 200 yabbies were caught and released. Those who caught the most yabbies from each group received a free riding experience to be used at their leisure.

We enjoyed a lunch of sausages and mini hash browns which stopped our hunger pains.

Special thanks must go to Amy and John from Pretty Sally Riding Ranch and their helpers, as well as Mrs Perez and Mrs Katal for taking us. (Click on the photos below to see the students in action.)

By the year 11 and 12 VCAL students