It's never dull in Damian

20 July 2017

Damian leaders

An important goal in Damian House is to build house spirit and give members a sense of family. To achieve this, we try to bridge the gap between different age groups, and it's important that the year 7s settle in well and feel safe and comfortable. To this end, each year 12 student is given a year 7 student as a buddy. This gives the newcomer someone to look to for guidance while settling in. To ensure the relationship is strong, the year 12s and their buddies take part in an activity designed for them to get to know each other. A particularly successful activity involved the pairs working together on Kahoot!, an online quiz.

In Damian we have incorporated a weekly inter-learning mentor group (LMG) activity. This involves different LMGs combining one morning a week. Students have been involved in a tower building activity incorporating marshmallows and raw pasta (!), a human scavenger hunt and celebrity heads. These activities help build and strengthen relationships within and between year levels.

The house also has an LMG challenge every fortnight, aimed at building a friendly rivalry between each group. These challenges have consisted of such things as Kahoot!, minute-to-win-it challenges and a down ball competition. Each LMG provides their best contender at assembly to try to win for their LMG. This brings a more exciting element to our assemblies and encourages students to remain attentive throughout.

The Damian SRC helps the house leaders to organise and run these activities. The group meets once a week to discuss new ideas and plan for the week ahead. This benefits the house leaders while giving the SRC members a good insight into leadership, which they may wish to pursue in the future.

Luke Sevior and Bridget Allen - student leaders (pictured above with house leader Kerrin Smith)