VCAL students cooking up a storm

8 June 2017

Food Tech nigel

This month I taught our VCAL food tech students life skills and how to prepare and cook a great meal that they can serve to their families or friends. We had an Asian influence with stir fry beef, then I showed them how to make a bacon omelette in a minute, and then extended the process to make a Spanish omelette.

Next on the menu was chicken cordon bleu, spaghetti bolognaise and to finish off, Portuguese custard tarts. Students wrote short sensory evaluations of their dishes and included them in their portfolios. The students showed great skills and enthusiasm and are looking forward to many more exciting dishes.

Last month I took over Ms Barr's year 11 food studies class (she is on maternity leave) with an exciting new curriculum for food studies for years 11 and 12 this year. Students look at cultural influences on Australian cuisine, the history of Australian food, bush tucker and contemporary foods in Australia.

Students have completed their first SACs for unit 1; a big task involving investigation with practical and theoretical components. Students produced various foods from silver beet calzone with Australian bush spices to spicy chicken satay skewers with jasmine rice and fennel and apple coleslaw flavoured with cranberries and maple syrup dressing (see above, and click on photos below to see more delicious dishes).

In the last few lesson students have been making the latest trend to hit the foodie trail - poke’ - a traditional dish base in Hawaii where fishermen use off cuts of fish and serve them with boiled rice and fresh vegetables covered with a soya dressing. Students made a fantastic Poke’ salmon dish with some great presentations. They have also made some lamingtons with a twist and pavlova with a contemporary twist as well.

Happy cooking!

Nigel Engel - Food studies teacher