The latest from our Remar team

9 March 2017

The Red Remar Caravel of 2017 has departed the shore with enthusiasm and confidence as the students seek to "sail away from mediocrity" in their lives.

Last November, 22 students spent three days together learning about themselves, getting to know one another and finding out about the practicalities of the Marist Youth Ministry program. (Click on the photos below to see these rowers in action.)  

Remar is a peer-led, leadership and formation program, that allows students in years 10-12 to engage with our Catholic tradition in a contemporary and open-minded way, as well as providing opportunities to minister to the wider Kilmore community. Deeply rooted in the Marian spirituality, the students will grow as a community in faith and friendship.

We wish the Red Caravel of 2017 a journey of deep exploration and awakening. Many thanks to Vicki Devine for coordinating the program.