An aspiring chef talks about his VET hospitality course

27 April 2017

VET hospitality

Xavier Pirie, in year 11, is in the first year of his course and aspires to become a chef in a first-class restaurant.

"I understand that first year is more about learning service, setting tables and cooking preparations, but my second year will be about cooking and kitchen operations.

"I also knows that I have to complete structured work placement which I'll do by working in the Marlhes Restaurant and elsewhere during school holidays," he said.

The hardest thing about hospitality, according to Xavier is, communicating with chefs, other employers and customers, "but I really enjoys learning about the terminology used in and around a kitchen".

Xavier recommends that students complete the Certificate II in Hospitality as it includes studying the responsible serving of alcohol (RSA). These qualifications could help you gain part-time or casual employment in a booming industry while studying.

Jenny Pendlebury - Pathways Leader