Meet our pathways team members

27 April 2017

Our pathway team consists of Mrs Tonya Frost, Mrs Nikki Gaskett and me. While we each have our own jobs we also work together to support students and their parents and carers to develop suitable pathways while at ACK and beyond.

Bookings to see us can be made by students and parents using our online portal on the SIMON home page.

Introducing Tonya Frost  


Tonya has been working at Assumption for eight years in various roles including supporting students in the Learning Enhancement Centre. Two years ago she joined the pathways team as our Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS) Administrator and a career counsellor. In 2016 she completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Career Development.

Tonya is VET and SBAT Coordinator overseeing nearly 400 students doing VET courses and 37 doing school-based apprenticeship in 15 different programs. She works every day except Thursday. If you have questions about VET, SBATs or work placement please feel free to contact her on 5783 5166 or on 0409 112 973.

Fast facts about Tonya

Favourite football team – Collingwood.

Favourite saying – “Be who you are; do what you love”.

Favourite pets – Millie the Moodle and Bluey the Pony.

Favourite pastime – Travelling and hopes to visit Europe next year.

Family members – Has two sons who attended ACK. One has completed a science degree and is about to be accepted into the police force. Her second son is studying exercise physiology at university.

Jenny Pendlebury - Pathways Leader