Enjoying food with a difference at Charcoal Lane

12 May 2017

Early this month I and the rest of the VCE Unit 1 Food Studies class headed to the Charcoal Lane restaurant in Fitzroy to enjoy food influenced by indigenous Australian culture.

We were excited to try different styles of food and shared a variety of entrees that had dips infused with berries and herbs, olives, meats, salmon and other different foods.

The mains offered a choice of braised lamb, panko crumbed hapuka and roasted eggplant. All meals had elements of ingredients taken from Indigenous Australian culture.

The chef talked to us about his experience in making the food and how each dish was special, from the berries, where they came from to how they were grown.

The experience was different, and enjoyed by all students and the teachers. (Click on photos below for an idea of what was on the menu.)

Hannah Daisley

Charcoal lane 5