The latest from Marcellin House

12 May 2017

Marcellin Eagle

As I prepare to go on maternity leave, I want to say a big thank you to the delightful community at Assumption for their love, support and prayers. I feel blessed to have you in my life.

The last four months have flown by due to the many activities in the house. We have had our regular day nine house assembly where learning mentor groups (LMGs) have been challenging one another with various activities including an eating, skipping, wall squat and a barrel of monkey challenge. I've enjoyed watching students challenge themselves and getting outside their comfort zones.

Marcellin has excelled in its fundraising effort for Caritas. We had Shrove Tuesday where staff and students sold pancakes to the house and spiders at lunchtimes which added a small amount to how much  our LMGs raised. Students in many of the groups stepped up to the challenge with Marcellin 5 taking out the challenge by raising over $270. 

While I'm away I know Marcellin House is in great hands with Ms Kathy Daly. I wish her and all the Marcellin House a happy and healthy remainder of 2017.

Many thanks,

Jade Barr