Principal's Message

29 November 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Families saying goodbye

As well as those families whose last child completed Year 12 this year, there are, of course, others who are moving on to other things. We have quite a few students beginning traineeships and apprenticeships at the beginning of next year, and while this is exciting for them and their family, we are always sad to see them go. I wish all families who are moving on to new horizons all the very best and thank them for their contribution to our College.

We also have an unprecedented number of new families joining us in 2019, and I invite you to be on the look-out for them across the summer break. At Years 8-12 we have had many, many new enrolments, largely from families moving to the area. It’s a pleasure to welcome these ‘newbies’ into our school community, and I know that you will join me in making them welcome.

To further remind us that we are part of the ever-changing circle of life, here are some stats about next year’s Year 7 group, which, with 234 students are the largest cohort ever to be enrolled at Assumption. Along with this group, there include 126 new families joining Assumption College. They come from 49 Primary Schools and 27 of them are the only child coming from their primary school. They will be in nine core classes and include three sets of twins and two boarders. They will graduate in 2024!

Student and Parent Codes of Conduct

As part of the improvement of our procedures and policies, from the beginning of the 2019 school year we will be introducing a new Student Code of Conduct, and a releasing for the first time, a Parent Code of Conduct.  You will shortly receive an email allowing you to acknowledge that you have seen these new Codes and understand their content. Both have been revised and prepared with the assistance of  Catholic Education Melbourne, our College lawyers and the Parents and Friends.

PAM in 2019 & the Family Handbook

PAM continues to be the ‘one-stop-shop’ for parents for information about 2019. The calendar is fully up to date with information for your family regarding the start of the year (indeed, the 2019 calendar is complete for the entire year). Don’t forget that from the start of next year, CareMonkey has been closed, and all medical details and permissions for your child will be handled through the PAM site. We hope this consolidation of our programs is helpful to you.  The 2019 Family Handbook will be sent to families at the beginning of the school year. Once again, it will hold important information, procedures and policies for your family.

Swimming Carnival

Yesterday was yet another terrific celebration of our community. Thanks to all those students and parents who assisted with the organisation, and especially to the staff who brought the day together. It is always enjoyable and frequently inspiring to see our students complete so willingly for their House and the spirit of support amongst the students is a joy to behold. I’d like to make a special vote of thanks to parent, Brian Taylor, who continues to bring great colour to the day through his commentary. Not only does he keep the schedule on track, but also encourages and supports the students in so many positive ways. We are appreciative of all parents who can give their time to support us, and never more so than on the days when we have so many staff busy with varying responsibilities.

Important dates for parents

Adam Voigt from ‘Real Schools’ works with parents and teachers to improve adults skills in responding to undesirable teen behaviours. You are invited to a training evening with him on Wednesday March 13 2019.  We expect this to be an excellent evening and recommend put this in your calendar so you don’t miss out.

The success of the ‘Tuning into Teens’ program with our parents has led to increased demand for this 6-week parent program in 2019. We will have extended dates for you to apply for at the beginning of the year.

Christmas Blessings

This Sunday marks the beginning of Advent – the four week Christian journey to Christmas, and strangely, the beginning of the Church’s year!  During Advent, we take time to make sure our relationships are in order: our relationship with God, our relationships with ourselves, our relationships with others and our relationships with our world.  There are many resources we can use to help inspire and motivate us to give some time to this important work, and if you’re looking for something new, we invite you to use the Marist Daily Prayer App (which can be found in the App store – the icon is a purple 3 petal flower). The app takes you through a daily reading and some reflective questions that often make reference to the life and words of St Marcellin Champagnat. If you’re looking for something a little less Marist, but still with a Christian message, the ‘Pray-As-You-Go’ App or the ‘Sacred Space’ App do much the same thing. 

We’ve done a terrific job as a community this year supporting those in great need, and the appeal to support the local St Vincent de Paul society has been no different, with over $2000 raised and about 70 gifts donated.  As we prepare for our own Christmas with loved ones, we bring to mind all those who won’t have the joy and peace we sometimes take for granted:

God of the stable, may the joy and peace of that first Christmas be everywhere known.  Where there are people in distress, war, grief, loneliness or pain, let each of us find ways to intervene and bring your love. Open our hearts to be generous and when darkness touches our own soul, quickly bring understanding and calm. Let us be your hands, face and heart so that others might be whole. Amen.

Peace and Blessings

Kate Fogarty