Big Data Challenge Monash University

7 March 2019

IMG 0068

On Friday, 22 February, five students braved an early wake up call to make their way to Monash University, in Clayton, to take part in a Big Data Challenge.

The theme of the day was to envision Melbourne in 2050 – a very relevant and important topic for discussion – and use their skills in mathematics, business and economics to develop strategies and plans to ensure that our society will be well equipped and informed for 2050.

The day definitely honoured its name as a challenge for all, but it was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with students from different schools  across Melbourne, and to become familiar with new, emerging technologies and industries that are at the heart of their futures; business analytics, data analysis and actuarial sciences.

Beyond the challenge itself, it was great chance for the students to discover and explore Monash University, an exciting and worthwhile insight as they head into their final year at school.

Rosalie McKay – Academic captain