Students have fun teaching one another maths

11 June 2015

This term, year 7 Austin and Damian girls have been having a great time in maths with Mrs Doyle. For the past few weeks we have been teaching ourselves measurement. We had partners, we were given a subject to learn, then stood in front of the class teaching the others about it, and then doing activities to make sure we knew what to do. Coming up is Pi day which as a class we made up. We will be bringing in circle shaped food and using Pi to figure out the circumference. Alice Quigley

In maths we have been running our own classes and I taught area. We taught the others how to do area in different ways. Then we went outside and had a scavenger hunt to find the area of things around the school. I think that it is a great way to learn, but we had to make sure we concentrated. We had a lot of fun. Megan Dalgleish

Zoe Atherden and I taught the class about area in a circle. We organised games for the other students to play on the small white-boards and we also organised a scavenger hunt for them. We had prizes for everyone. I thought it was a fun day and teaching the class just shot up my confidence. Everyone listened and was very patient while we were talking. A few days after our lesson we had PI day and we has lots of fun as we measured and ate circle-shaped food. Ellie-May Treanor-McQueen

In conclusion, we all found it a fun way of learning to measure triangles, rectangles, rhombuses, trapeziums and circles. It was interesting to see how the girls set up the different classes and taught us in really fun ways. Our inspiration was chocolate and lollies as we had prizes for the activities. Hannah Pannuzzo


 Maths classes have never been so enjoyable. 

Maths Exams

Congratulations to students on completion of the recent exams especially our year 9s who sat their first maths exam at ACK.

As results come to hand, we encourage students to reflect on their exam preparation – what worked and what could be improved upon. 

If parents or students are particularly concerned about exam performance, please contact your maths teacher in the first instance to discuss strategies for improving performance in second semester.

Narelle Collins - Years 7-9 Maths Coordinator

Laila Sarraf - Years 10-12 Maths Coordinator