A Sunday reflection

22 November 2015

Today is a special Sunday for the Catholic Church – it is the last Sunday of the year. Next week Advent begins – the time of preparation for Christmas.  If you follow our Facebook page from November 29, one of our year 9 RE classes will be providing an Advent calendar to help you stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas.  In the interim, today's  feast of Christ the King marks the end of the liturgical year. 

In the Gospel reading, Jesus reminds us that those who have peace in their heart are those who "hear his voice".  After a very sad week for international affairs, where do we hear the voice of Jesus?  Is it in the call to be proponents of peace?  Is it in the recognition that every minute of life we have is sacred?  Is it in the hugs of our loved ones, whom we sometimes take for granted?  Who (or what) is God speaking to you through?  Are you attuned to that gentle, loving and urging voice, calling you forward to a better version of yourself? 

God of peace, let us hear the voices that still our frantic hearts and rest our racing minds. In the noise of the lead-up to Christmas, let there be many moments when we know your peace.  Amen.

Peace and blessings

Kate Fogarty