Principal's Report

19 November 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

There’s still so much going on

While our students slowly come to the end of their schooling for 2015, things are not slowing down around the college. Tomorrow night we'll enjoy our Junior Production A Kidsummer Night’s Dream (all the best to all involved), and on Monday start your new classes (SYNC) week will begin, where year 11 and 12 students start their 2016 studies. We'll also welcome our new boarders into their houses for a "practice run", and we wish them well. 

Next Tuesday is our 2016 year 7 parent information night, and on Thursday the annual speech and presentation night in the Gonzales Centre. So buckle in and enjoy the ride, knowing that behind the scenes, hours of work is going into making sure that everything comes together on these nights. Thanks to the staff, students and parents who are still giving 110% as we enter the final weeks of the year – we know that their time is precious, and appreciate all the extra effort they go to.


From December 5-12 we will be hosting the Marist Cricket Carnival with five schools (from Bunbury, Brisbane, Canberra, Casino and Shepparton) joining us to compete in this annual event. Two other Marist Cricket Carnivals will occur concurrently around Australia.

As you may be aware, it wasn’t our turn to host the carnival, but owing to some difficulties at another school we were asked to step in at the last minute. The reason we were asked is that when we host carnivals we get off relatively lightly because we don’t have access to indoor stadiums. This means we cannot host the basketball or netball carnivals (which are three times as involved as hosting a cricket carnival).

We’re struggling to get enough billets for the visiting boys (about 35 players are still without a bed). If you could help us out, we would really (REALLY) appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible. The tournament is busy, and we are prepared to run transport to and from outlying towns to help make things as easy as possible for billeting families. The cricketers need bed and breakfast and dinner provided. If you can help out, please contact Jenny Pendlebury .

Staff farewells

On behalf of the school community, I thank and send best wishes to the staff who are leaving Assumption at the end of the year: Mark Vorster (maths), Matthew Lillyst (English), Chris Traficante (English), Judita Turco (house leader), Emma Kelly (art), Jane Darrou (French) Anthony Montemurro (Italian) and Narelle Collins (maths). They  are moving on to other schools. Joe Pannuzzo is taking a leave of absence and Lindsay Opie (French) and Ken Tonkin (IT) are retiring. We wish them well in all the good things the future holds when not beholden to timetables and teenage angst.

Enzo Rovetto has been a stalwart of Assumption for over 33 years, and his booming voice and extraordinary knowledge of all things Assumption will be missed. Annette and Peter Barlow will be on long-service leave for the first half of 2016.

Many of you would be aware that after many years of fabulous service, Barbara Radford has retired.  Barb has offered outstanding service to the students and staff at Assumption for 27 years, particularly to those students with additional needs.  Her caring manner and generous "over and above" attitude have allowed many students to succeed in the face of challenge.  We will miss her exceedingly in a million different ways, and wish her and Bruce all the best for all of the adventures life in retirement holds.

Rest assured that each of the above teaching positions has been filled.  We have had an extraordinary field of experienced educators apply to join our team, and I look forward to introducing them to you in due course.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This Sunday is a special one for the Catholic Church – it is the last Sunday of the year. The following week  Advent begins – the time of preparation for Christmas.  If you follow our Facebook page from November 29, one of our year 9 RE classes will be providing an Advent calendar to help you stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas.  In the interim, the feast of Christ the King marks the end of the year this coming Sunday. 

In the Gospel reading, Jesus reminds us that those who have peace in their heart are those who "hear his voice".  At the end of a very sad week for international affairs, where do we hear the voice of Jesus?  Is it in the call to be proponents of peace?  Is it in the recognition that every minute of life we have is sacred?  Is it in the hugs of our loved ones, whom we sometimes take for granted?  Who (or what) is God speaking to you through this week?  Are you attuned to that gentle, loving and urging voice, calling you forward to a better version of yourself? 

God of peace, let us hear the voices that still our frantic hearts and rest our racing minds. In the noise of the lead-up to Christmas, let there be many moments when we know your peace.  Amen.

Peace and blessings

Kate Fogarty