Can you help us with our year 10 mock interviews?

10 September 2015

Year 10 mock interviews

As part of the year 10 Vocational Planning course we like each student to attend a job interview and receive  feedback from an employer. To do that I need between 25 and 30 people to be part of an interview panel. Mock interviews will be held on Tuesday, October 20 and Tuesday, October 27 between 2.15 and 4pm. If available to help out on one or both days please email me

VTAC applications are due

At the time of writing 100 students were yet to apply to VTAC for 2016 tertiary courses. Applying to VTAC is not compulsory but if your child wants to do tertiary study in 2016 they have until September 30 to complete their application. Late application fees are costly. 

Students have only one opportunity to complete a Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application due by October 6, and VTAC scholarship applications are due by October 16.

If students are struggling to complete these applications, PowerPoint slides with the instructions are on the Career Library page or they can make an appointment to see me.

What does your social media profile tell a prospective employer about you?

No matter what your age, if you are actively job seeking it is essential that you ensure your social media profile is "job ready". Many employers screen potential applicants for positions by search names and viewing Facebook/Twitter profiles. In a competitive youth labour market, employers can be choosey about who they interview.

If you have your Facebook profile set to public, anyone can access your information, view your pictures and see what you, and others, have written on your timeline. You may wish to set your profile to private, or set up a LinkedIn profile specifically to market yourself to employers.

The application process for jobs is expected to move from the traditional paper-based resume and application letter to online applications with an emphasis on social media profiles.

Further, in future jobs you will be likely to contact employers, clients and professional associations via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, so it is a good idea to treat all social media profiles in a professional way, especially when communicating with teachers via school-approved social media, your employer and fellow employees.

A great video to watch is Orange Digital Dirt. While it is an extreme example, employers can make judgments about your suitability to fit into their workplace based on your social media profile.

Interested in information technology?

You may like to explore the following websites:

  • Future Burger: The Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University has just released their new website called Future Burger
  • Careers with Code: This website focuses on computer science and coding careers. You can take an IT careers quiz, research courses, and read profiles of young people working in IT.

 Business schools and courses

I have sent senior students a newsletter about business courses offered in Victoria, NSW and the ACT.

This document has been developed to help students and parents research undergraduate commerce and business courses in Victoria, the ACT and NSW. It isn’t an exhaustive list, and students are encouraged to research their options and to attend tertiary information seminars. A copy of this resource can be found on the Career Library page.

Jenny Pendlebury – VCAL & Careers Coordinator