The latest from Marian House as its leaders say farewell

10 September 2015

Marian House recently raised $625 for our charity, Marist Youth Care, a non-profit organisation helping young people overcome adversity due to family violence and alcohol or drug abuse. During this fundraiser we enjoyed hot chocolate and choc chip muffins over a game of Family Feud. In a great bonding activity students from all year levels sat in groups. Thank you for your generosity.


During the Assumption Day fete, which was a great success, Marian hosted the Sing Star, Minute to Win It, Pancakes and Milkshake stalls. Thank you to the students and staff who contributed.


The student leadership process for next year is well under way. Many students have put up their hands for various positions, and we wish them all the best. 


The house footy tipping competition has been competitive all year and it was fitting that the result hinged upon the last game of the final round (a three-point thrilling win to the Bombers). Several students will receive some great prizes. Final results were:


                                   Correct tips      Points margin

         Alex Langdon         141                   (805)

        Jesse Ellks                141                   (910)

        James Metaxotos   138                   (773)

        Noah Stanley           138                   (876)


As we write one of our final formal documents, we thank everyone in the house for their support; it has been a privilege to lead you. There are only  about five weeks of school left for us year 12s. It’ll be tough but, as we have throughout our school years, we'll stick together and stay strong.


We wish everyone the best of luck for term 4. 


Brydie Ellks and James Metaxotos - House captains 


Alex Langdon - House Coordinator