Success for our students in the Australian Mathematics Competition

10 September 2015

Earlier this year, students from years 7-12 participated in the Australian Mathematics Competition. Over 250 Assumption students entered, more than last year. The results were pleasing with ACK scoring above-average results across numerous categories. Here is a a summary of our students' achievements:


High Distinction (top 2%)


Distinction (top 15%)


Credit (top 50%)


Proficiency (achieved a preset score)


High Distinction Winner:

Benjamin Higgins (year 9)

Distinction Winners:

 Jesse Hanel - year 7

Zoe Ryan -  year 7

Forest Nichols - year 8

Patrick Kelly - year 8

Trent Short - year 8

Nickolas Pizzolato - year 8

Tyson Scodellaro - year 10

We congratulate the participants and look forward to their continued success in 2016.


Mathematics examinations

All year 9 to 12 students should be carefully preparing for exams to ensure errors from previous ones aren’t repeated. There are plenty of resources and help available, including a valuable study guide, subject handbooks and practice materials. Also, it would be wise to ensure all book-listed materials are being used, especially calculators.


If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s maths teacher or us. 


Laila Sarraf – Senior Maths Coordinator (Year 10-12)


Narelle Collins – Junior Maths Coordinator (Years 7-9)