Year 10 Food Technology

10 September 2015

In the last couple of weeks year 10 food technology students have been exploring the wonders of Mediterranean cuisine and producing some great lamb koftas and spanakopita (spinach and fetta triangles).

This was a great opportunity for them to use different herbs and spices that they usually would not come into contact with. Students also related to how different cultures have added to  Australian cuisine with the popularity of wraps and souvlaki that most food courts now serve and which are enjoyed by most Australians,  especially late at night.

Students completed their design task and produced a main course or dessert linked to a country that has influenced Australian cuisine:  chicken parmigiana and pizza from Italy and butter chicken from India. Kendall produced an African chicken dish that  was delicious as well as some great desserts such as a strawberry sponge cake, sticky date pudding and doughnuts.

The students did a fantastic  job and I congratulate them. In the next couple of weeks they'll  make pasta, and learn about Spanish cuisine by  cooking a traditional paella.

Till next time, happy cooking.

Mr Nigel Engel - VET Hospitality and food technology