Celebrating VCAL success

14 September 2017

A reminder to parents and guardians of year our 12 VCAL students that our celebration night is on Tuesday, October 17 at Trackside, Kilmore. Tickets are $20 per head and can be bought through trybooking 

We strongly encourage all students to attend with at least one family member, as we want to acknowledge and celebrate their work in VCAL over the last two years. If you have any questions about the night please contact Mrs Helen Perez.

Last-day celebrations

All year 12s will be farewelled by the school community on Friday, October 20. This is the day where the school celebrates and farewells the students. Therefore, it is important that all year 12 VCAL students be at school all day on this day, so those who work on a Friday should ask their employers for the day off so that they can attend.

Subject selections

A reminder that subject selections close tomorrow at midnight and a printed copy of the subject form needs to be signed and returned to students' learning mentors.

In other VCAL news...

Our year 12 VCAL students headed off to the city to complete their location assessment task for numeracy on September 4. They  had to make their way to Federation Square where they met up with Mrs Benkenstein and me, and we gave them their next lot of clues. These clues took them around the CBD visiting such places as the highest public vantage point with the same name as a famous stockade in the 1900s, they looked for animals in the tree near Docklands and visited a building that contains two houses: an upper house and a lower house.

All students (eventually) made their way to the large ring in the sky at Harbour Town for lunch although one group got a little lost on the way.

This excursion covered many outcomes for numeracy and personal development skills.

After lunch the students teamed up and played 18 holes of mini-golf at Glow in the Dark and ended the day at ArtVo where they looked at perception and artistic murals. Click on the amazing photos below taken at ArtVo.

Year 11 frame making

Year 11 students have been studying the maths involved in building and construction. The theory component of the course looked at measurement, perimeter, area and Pythagoras' Theorem. The practical component involved making frames that were turned into mirrors or blackboards. For some students (and teachers) it was the first time that they had used such equipment as biscuit joiners and electric sanders. These will go on sale next term to raise money for the Vinnies Christmas Appeal. Further information about how to buy the mirrors and blackboards will be available next term.

Thanks to Mr Leo Van Der Weerden who has helped us cut timber and provided no end of advice.

Subject selections

A reminder that Subject Selections close on Friday 15th September at midnight and a printed copy of the subject form needs to be signed and returned to the student’s Learning Mentor.

Thank you and goodbye

Next week we will farewell staff member Steve Calvert after 17 years of service. The VCAL staff and students say thank you and good bye to Steve who has always been of great assistance to the VCAL team whether it has been in giving a talk on how to edit articles ready for publication, proofreading our cookbook and helping with its publication or just making sure that VCAL events were always well publicised.

 Jenny Pendlebury - VCAL and Careers Coordinator