How to apply for college colours

14 September 2017

College colours are awarded as a form of lasting recognition, encouragement and motivation for students in co-curricular activities with a tradition associated with them. Qualities such as loyalty, unselfishness, dedication and a wholesome respect for people and tradition are recognised through such awards. For this reason, colours are accessible to all students and not just the talented performers or those with leadership ability.


Criteria and eligibility for awarding full and half colours
The Director of Sport, heads of other co-curricular areas, in conjunction with Deputy Principal Human Resources, in consultation with their committees, determine the criteria for the awarding of colours. The Principal must finally approve criteria. Only year 11 and year 12 students of good citizenship are eligible. 


The application process
A  student, mindful of the criteria, applies for an award to the teacher in charge of the co-curricular activity using the pro-forma in the ACK Google docs folder (this will be emailed to all students). The teacher then recommends the nomination. If the teacher and Deputy Principal Human Resources approve the application, it is presented to the Principal for final approval. If approved, the student pays for the required symbol and ribbon to be embroidered onto their blazer. 

Maurice Di Muzio
Deputy Principal Human Resources