Principals Report

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of Assumption,


Now’s a good time to make contact…

With four weeks left in the school year, and a number of assessment tasks and learning experiences still to take place, now is a great time to make contact with your child’s Learning Mentor to set some goals to help them stay focussed and aiming to achieve their best.  Your child’s Learning Mentor will be watching their progress in these final weeks closely, and helping to monitor and balance the number of tasks that become due at this time.  A team approach is always best, and arranging a phone conversation that your child can also sit in on could certainly mean the difference as assessments and tests loom.

Need some help limiting adolescent screen time?

Many parents struggle with limiting their child’s access to social media, especially during study times and family meals (yes…you’re not alone!).  One terrific app that comes highly recommended from some of our parents is ‘OurPact’.  OurPact is an application that you put onto your phone and your child’s phone (with a password so they can’t delete it!), that allows you to limit screen time and block particular apps at various times of the day/week. It comes at a small cost, but it can manage multiple children’s phones, and even has a ‘locator’ tool which can show where your child’s phone (and probably your child!) are at any one time.  It’s probably not the answer to every woe, but might make some aspects of your parental life making a little easier. If you have another app that you think really helps you parent your child better, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line so that we can share it with others!

Teen Gambling

With the Spring Racing Carnival upon us, it’s a good time to be reminded that with the advent of online gambling, it has never been so easy for a gambling addiction to develop, even amongst teens.  Responsible Gambling Victoria have produced some excellent resources to help parents discuss this important social issue with their teenagers.  You can check out the information sheets on their site (which also has information directed towards adults with a gambling problem), but they have produced a 2 minute clip to help identify some conversation starters:

Shandon Calls

A few weeks ago, you would have received a link to the most recent edition of Shandon Calls.  While predominantly prepared for Assumption College alumni, the magazine also shares some great stories from recent times, and celebrates the achievements of our students, past and present.  In this most recent edition, some of the key dates for the celebration of our 125th Anniversary are also shared.  If you have five minutes over a cuppa, it’s a terrific read:

Prayers for the departed

At the beginning of November, the Catholic Church celebrates the feasts of ‘All Saints’ (Nov 1) and ‘All Souls’ (Nov 2).  On All Saints Day, we give thanks for all the great women and men whose lives were an inspiration for our own through their love, compassion and giving.  We pray that we might be more like them.  On ‘All Souls Day’ we remember all of our loved ones who have gone to God before us.  We pray in thanks of their lives and the impact their joys, cares and achievements have had on our own.

 Loving God, you made us your holy people and called us to share in the joy of your saints.  By their help and example you guide us to live for others as Jesus taught us.  May their prayers strengthen and comfort us as we follow Jesus to his promise of peace, joy and love.  Amen

Peace and Blessings

Kate Fogarty