White Ribbon Day barbecue

2 November 2017


Social Justice

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In an example of social justice in action, Assumption College hosted a White Ribbon Day barbecue on Thursday, October 26 to raise awareness about domestic violence in the community.

The Social Justice Group (SJG) at ACK worked hard to organise a day to advocate and start community wide conversation on the issue and how we can actively make positive change as a community.

Conner Cullinger, a SJG student, thanked the whole college for their support of the event.

A White Ribbon School

The day aimed to advocate and raise awareness for the White Ribbon Appeal and to send a message to the whole community that violence against women will not be tolerated. This message works hand in hand with the SJG’s other aim this year, to better relationships between young men and women at our college.

White ribbons were worn by students and teachers and will be worn on student’s blazers in the future to symbolize ACK’S support for White Ribbon Day and the message behind it.

The SJG is proud of its achievements and grateful for the colleges supportive response to White Ribbon Day.

Isha Alhmoud

Great success for White Ribbon day

The White Ribbon Day barbecue was a raging success for the SJG here at ACK. As this was the first major event we have organised we were so humbled by the support that was shown by both staff and students and the enthusiasm that was shown in regards to raising awareness for this important issue.

Domestic violence is an overwhelming reality for some people and the scary thing is, it could be the person living next door to you. Our aim was to start a conversation between individuals at our school about domestic violence and to let people know they are not alone, because as a school community, we are all here to support one another.

This week we have been so happy to see the white ribbons still pinned on the blazers and jumpers of the students. A big thank-you to Mr McKay for helping us get this event up and running and to Ms Harding and Ms Southgate for the work they do for us.

You can expect to see more work from the SJG throughout term 4 and into 2018. Our group is open to individuals from all year levels who are passionate about working towards justice in our society. If you would like to join contact one of our members.

Alannah Dragani