Year Nine Reflection Day

2 November 2017

Time to reflect

On Tuesday, October 24 senior middle school students took part in the Year Nine Reflection Day where students spent the day engaging in a variety of sessions including those on healthy relationships, the healthy use of technology and an introduction to the Remar program.

Middle School leader Peter Augustin led the session on the healthy use of technology and helped students navigate through apps that can assist with physical and mental health such as activity trackers and active meditation apps to promote a sense of calm and mindfulness.

Healthy relationships sessions saw students split into groups of boys and girls where a variety of issues were raised including respect, empowerment and how the relationships you form now affect those you have later in life.

The third session was an introduction to Remar, the school based Marist youth ministry that promotes faith and personal development, leadership, community and social justice.

Mr Augustin was extremely happy with how the day went and the active participation in sessions from students.

“From my perspective the day was a great success, giving the students an opportunity to look more into what it means to be in a healthy relationship, how different perspectives on the opposite sex can be misjudged at time and more about some of the opportunities that are out there both within and outside the local community,” he said.

“Feedback from the students about what they learned on the day included; how to treat women and have empathy, how to be respectful, don’t be afraid to ask for help, what it means to be “manly”, and that everyone struggles with the same issues and I am not the only one.”

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