Parents & Friends Association

Assumption's Parents and Friends (P & F) Association, supporting our children’s future.

Parents and Friends:

  • Support the children and the school community
  • Assist parents identify with and become a part of the Assumption community
  • Provide extra facilities for students and teachers through fundraising
  • Promote social contact between parents of students at the College.

Contact ACK Parents & Friends Association

If you would like to speak to committee president Deirdre Payne she can be contacted by:


Parents & Friends Grants Program

The ACK Parents & Friends Association (P&F) is committed to supporting our children’s future. A major way we achieve this is by providing extra facilities for students and teachers through our fundraising activities. With the generous support and hard work of parents, past and present, the P&F has raised significant funds to be used by the school community.

To try to make the distribution of these funds fair and equitable the P&F has established a formalised grants program that will be offered in terms 2, 3 and 4 each year. $1500 will be available  each term. Click here for further details. And click here for an application form.