Boarding Families

Boarding Contact Details

To contact a boarder or boarding staff directly, please use the relevant mobile number.

Boarding Staff Contact Hours

  • Weekdays, 3pm to 10pm
  • Weekends, 9am to 10pm

Director of Boarding

Mr Dick Morriss
0417 110 627

Redden House

Head of House (TBA)  and John Katal (Assistant Head)
Mobile: 0437 779 962

House landline: 03-5783 0830

O'Connor House

Mr Brett Benkenstein (Head of House) and Mr Chris Serong (Assistant Head)
HoH Mobile: 0419 544 771

House landline: 03-5783 0842

Mannes House

Ms Stacey McCarthy (Head of House), Mrs Sue Cooney (Assistant Head)
House Mobile: 0407 875 880

House landline: 03-5783 0859


For more information on our Boarding Facilities, please click here.