Yellow makes everyone smile

16 April 2015

marcellinIt’s with great delight I write my first house article and introduce myself as Marcellin coordinator. Most would have seen me around the yard wearing yellow every day.  

Term 2 is upon us which will see Marcellin fund-raising for Marist Youth Care. It will be a fun and exciting time in the house as each pastoral care group tries to outdo each other.

Last term flew by and what a busy start to the year it was. It was wonderful to meet the caring and generous students of Marcellin and ACK as a whole. There were some ups and downs for all involved, but we have all learnt something from these experiences and will be better off for them.

It was lovely to meet many families on the night of the house barbecue where we introduced our year 7s, other new students and our SRC reps. With the help of house leaders Grace and Adam the night was a great success. And special mention to the cooking team led by Mr Egan; they did a fantastic job.

The highs and lows really came at the swimming and athletic carnivals, although personally I felt they were both great days for me as I really felt part of the Marcellin community, and it was lovely to feel like I belonged.

I look forward to seeing the house shine throughout the year.

Jade Barr - Marcellin Coordinator