Aussie cuisine is on the menu in food technology

30 July 2015

What an exciting start to semester 2.


Our year 10 food technology students have been cooking up a storm. First week back they cooked a delicious kangaroo and macadamia nut salad with a honey and mustard seed dressing, and a lemon myrtle and macadamia nut cheesecake. These practical classes introduced students to some  fantastic Australian bush spices and allowed them to cook and taste kangaroo, which I think most enjoyed. These lessons enhance their theory component as they are studying Australian cuisine.


 This semester we have introduced the Golden Chef’s Award. Students can win this award weekly through practical classes, theory classes, assessment tasks and as an encouragement award for outstanding effort throughout the semester. Students receive a $10 voucher to spend on lunch at the canteen. Congratulations to Victoria Credland, Jack Harrison, Briannah Borg and Hayley Leahy for receiving the award.


I'm looking forward to the first design brief where students have to produce a main course or dessert of a country of their choice that has influenced Australian cuisine.


Happy cooking!

Mr Nigel Engel - VET Hospitality and food technology teacher