School holidays and VET-SBATs

19 March 2015

Check with your employers to see whether they want you to work over the school holidays. Don’t take school holidays as a given; you are  employees with paying jobs and need to request holidays.

Cut-off date to request structured work placement in the April school holidays

Tomorrow is the final day for VET students who are planning to do work placement these school holidays to submit completed paperwork.

SBAT and VET rules

VET and SBAT rules are available on PAM and students should give their employers and trainers  copies so they can discuss any clashes with school-sanctioned days and their work or TAFE days. These things can be worked out if we give employers and registered training organisations (RTOs) plenty of notice and talk with them about alternative arrangements.

Time management

Every VET and SBAT student should have a copy of their training plan. This document, that you sign, should give you a time line for the units you are to complete this year. It is important that you regularly refer to it to ensure you are completing units on time. There is nothing worse for me than to contact your RTO at the end of October to find you have not completed or passed all units. This can result in no certificate or no credit for your academic year. Please email or see me if you have any questions or need help with time management. Results for your VET or SBAT are given to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority at the end of October.

Visits to employers and VET classes

I visited many VET and SBAT students on the job on March 11. It was wonderful to see them at work learning new skills (click on photos below). I enjoyed meeting their VET teachers and employers face to face, as I normally deal with them on the phone or via email.


During the year I send many emails, which is the best way to communicate with you. Please keep your inbox free to receive them. Some will be about placement opportunities, employment or even attendance notifications. You need to review and delete or take action on them, as required.

Enjoy your school holidays.

Carol Fisher - VET and SBAT Coordinator