The wild Mustangs are ready to bolt

19 March 2015


As Marian House captains for 2015 we weren’t really sure what to expect. However, we can report that the year has begun with a flying start.

So far, we have participated in a number of annual events including the Marian House Welcome Barbecue, which was a great opportunity for our year 7s to mingle with other Marian students. It was good to see so many families there meeting their children's pastoral care teachers and networking with other staff and families.

The ACK swimming carnival was held last month, and while we didn’t fare all that well in the pool, we did do somewhat better at last week's athletics carnival. Once again, our house spirit was fantastic and it made a great day for all.

We attended the final day of the Year 7 Camp. It was a rewarding experience where we connected with the students and faced our fears on the giant swing and the leap of faith. 

There are a lot of great events to look forward to this year, and as we settle into our roles as house captains, with the help of Mr Langdon, we are sure we'll be successful. We are looking forward to the Year 12 Retreat where we'll continue on this great journey together.

Please feel free to approach either of us about any problems that may arise during the year, or just to say hi.

James Metaxotos and Brydie Ellks - House Captains

Alex Langdon - House Coordinator