Principal's Report

16 July 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome back

I think I have the best window in the school. As I stand at my desk, I see students arriving each day, watch them meet and greet their friends with lots of hugging (you’d think it was more like 16 months rather than 16 hours since they last saw each other), get themselves organised and head off to start their school day.

As the weather has become colder they huddle in groups. One staff member has suggested that the students behave like penguins by standing in tight circles to protect each other from the wind, and occasionally taking their turn in the warm middle of the group. In any case, we’re back and underway, and already into the learning and assessments that characterise the busy third term (I’m sure there’s a football analogy there somewhere, but I’ll leave that for another time).

Do something for yourself - Join our P & F community

One of the truest indicators of mental health and happiness is the ability to build in moments of connection and social warmth with like-minded people. We are conscious that the college is one of the key places where many adults enjoy social relationships and get the opportunity to make new friends.

Our parents and friends group see their role as one of creating connections, and I encourage you to make time to attend one of their events mentioned below. You won’t be asked to give money or sign your precious hours away on another committee, just come along, connect and share some laughs with other parents who are looking for some enjoyable company and time to do something for themselves.          

  • A P & F social dinner in the Marlhes Restaurant on Wednesday, August 19 at 6pm. There are only 22 seats available.
  • A Melbourne shopping tour on Saturday, September 12 for $60 which includes a two-course lunch and afternoon tea.

If you're interested, contact Deidre Payne:

All hail the netball champions

Those who follow college events on social media would have noticed that the first week of the holidays was dominated by reports from the Marist Netball Carnival in Lismore. Nineteen Marist schools sent teams to the three-day carnival, and it is my great pleasure to report that for the first time in the history of the carnival, our girls won. In hard-fought games across the first two days, they dominated the competition and advanced straight through to the grand final on the third day, which they won comfortably over the host school, Trinity College Lismore.  For more details and photos, see the school Facebook page. While there, check out some of the links for parents that we’re sharing to help keep you in touch with the latest research and thinking about raising healthy and resilient teens.

Assumption-Sacred Heart Exchange & Marist Cricket Carnival – billets needed

We’re only a few weeks away from the ACK-SHC Exchange from August 14-16, and, unfortunately, we’re still looking for billets. We also need billets for the cricket carnival from December 5 to 12. These terrific annual events allow our students to demonstrate their skills and meet their Marist peers from our sister schools. As family spirit is a core value of Marist education, being able to provide billets for visiting students is a hallmarks of the exchange and carnival. If you can help out by taking a few students as billets for either event, Maureen Kurzman would love to hear from you

PAM is your friend

There was some confusion during the holidays about which day students returned to school. The PAM website is always your best point of call for information about what’s happening and the most up-to-date school calendar. Make sure you check there regularly to see what’s happening around the school.

Rest awhile…

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus invites the disciples to "come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest awhile". While we can’t always find the time and resources to take ourselves away to a quiet space, we can carve out little moments of our day to ensure that our soul can catch up with everything that is going on in our lives. We need oases of calm and refreshment, and there is no regret whenever we finding these moments. If you’re not great at finding moments of peace-filled quiet, I commend the websites below to you. They provide techniques and processes for building small habits into your daily life, and they all have apps that you can download.

Smiling Mind – An Australian website with short, daily meditations

Headspace – A British daily mediation program

Sacred Space – a short, prayerful reflection on the daily Gospel.

Pray-As-You-Go – a 10-minute podcast of prayerful reflection.


Loving God, help me to prioritise some time for you. Give me the grace to pause and be quiet, so that I can hear your call in my life. Amen.

Peace and blessings

Kate Fogarty