ACK-SHC Exchange

27 August 2015

SHCACKThe Assumption-Sacred Heart Exchange, from August 14 to 16,  kicked off with a social on the Friday night. The theme was, As if you’d wear that. Year 10-12 students from both colleges enjoyed dressing up in their most outrageous clothes.

On Saturday night in the Gonz we celebrated Mass, led by former ACK boarder Fr Michael Kelly. It was a beautiful and reverent way to start the night, with input from  students from both schools.

Assumption began the cultural side of things with notable performances by our musicians and talented dancers. Next was the debate on the topic Science is a threat to humanity. Sacred Heart took the negative side and won against Assumption’s Nicholas Reich, Mollie Ashworth and Gerard Pirie.

Next came Sacred Heart’s musical showcase with some upbeat renditions from their band and  vocalists who moved into the crowd and got many in the Gonz audience  up on their feet; a true example of the exciting atmosphere of the event for both schools.

Everyone enjoyed the Saturday night where SHC took the lead in competition before the sport on Sunday, during which members of the Parents and Friends fed us. Thank you.   

Sports results are below: 

Brinnah Kavanagh


Netball:  ACK def SHC 52-50                                       

Best player ACK: Laura Gorman

Best player SHC: Sophie Agostino


Boys soccer:  SHC def ACK 1-0

Best player ACK: Nicholas Reich

Best Player SHC: Peter Syme


Girls hockey: ACK def SHC 6-4

Best player ACK: Jasmine Coyle

Best player SHC: Josephine Byrne


Boys basketball: ACK def SHC 39-38

Best player ACK: James Metaxotos

Best player SHC: Akol Deng


Girls soccer: SHC def ACK 0-4

Best player ACK: Sophie Atherden

Best player SHC: Eloise Steer


Girls basketball: ACK def SHC 30-22

Best player ACK: Chloe Molloy

Best player SHC: Jade Bryant


Football:  ACK def SHC 15.9 (99) to 13.9 (87)

Best player ACK: Jake O’Brien

Best player SHC: Josh Koster


Exchange Gift:

Girls:  SHC def ACK

Boys:  SHC def ACK 


200m Relay:

Girls: ACK def SHC

Boys: SHC def ACK