VCAL matters

27 August 2015

Year 12

Presentation night

Preparations are well underway for the year 12 presentation night on Tuesday, September 15 at Trackside in Kilmore. This is the night when we celebrate and acknowledge all that the year 12 VCAL students have achieved in the past two years. If parents have not yet booked tickets please do so by clicking here.


 Term 4 work placement

Year 12 students must complete eight days of work placement between September 21 and October 14. Students can use this time to either start their full-time employment, trial for full-time employment or to gain further experience of the workforce. Students are required back at ACK on Thursday, October 15 for graduation celebrations.


Paperwork for this work placement, which includes the form that needs to be signed by SBAT employers agreeing to take the student on for this extra time, must be back to school by September 7. This form is on the front page of the career library page.


Year 11


Personal development skills

Year 11 students have started their individual projects in PDS. Some of the projects include making soft toys for the Children’s Hospital, visiting primary schools to help out in various classes, making webpages for school, and making dog kennels and dog beds for various organisations.


One group is doing up bikes that will be donated to local children. If any families have a bike or two that they would like to donate or any parts that could be used in doing up another bike we would love to hear from you. Please phone or email me. We look forward to seeing the final products over the next term.


Work placement

Year 11 students must complete 10 days work placement for the year by the start of November to satisfactorily complete their work-related skills. Students have been working on these days all year and it does include any days done in the holidays or in the June exam period. If students have any questions about this requirement they need to speak to their WRS teacher (Ms Campbell or Mr Houghton). The required paperwork is on the career library webpage.


 Jenny Pendlebury - VCAL and Careers Coordinator